Google’s free apps under G Suite for project management


Google G Suite is packaged with various free apps from Google that can be effectively used for project management. Below is the list of the apps and the way it can be used for project management.

The focus of this article is to use tools with the minimalist tools effectively. A lot of third party apps can be used along with G Suite does exists, but the beauty of better project management is to focus on the absolute needs than using everything the companies can offer. If you are looking for the bare minimum, read on.

Google’s G Suite apps for project management.

Google Task : Track, Update and Collaborate

For Tracking, Updates management and collaboration make use of Google sheets. Team members can use them at the same time and keep it up to date. You can assign read or write permissions to users of the sheet.

Head over to and create a new sheet. on the top row, create headers such as Deliverables, Owner, Deadline, Notes etc Click share to share this sheet with your team mates to collaborate collectively on this.

Creating Groups in GSuite

If you would like to have a online group forum to discuss stuffs or form a group email ID to send emails directly to all participants of the group, Google groups is your answer.

However, please note- unless you have your own domain registered for Google Apps , these groups will be public.

Manage and Share calendars in Gsuite

You can create shared calendars to keep everyone up to date, or a separate shared project calendar and share it with project members.

Securely storing and sharing digital assets

Use Google drive to store and upload your assets. You can assign rights to your team members on who can read or write into specific assets.