Technological advancements have been fast last year. Mobile revolution, Cloud computing saw a big hit. These technologies are now turning mature, robust and creating great paradigms for businesses, healthcare, communications, inter connectivity etc.

There are technologies that can be identified as strategic to 2017. These are of substantial disruptive potential as they begin to emerge from blooming to that can have broader impact this year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is composed of machine learning and various other technologies including deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing etc. These have been on the rise lately. Systems are gradually moving from rule based algorithms to the intelligent types- where self learning is involved based on understanding, learning and deploying solutions to our problems.

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Apps such as Virtual Personal Assistants help users be more productive. For e.g., apps that sort email for you based on the sender, time of the day, your diary entries. Other intelligent apps includes bots that help you with sales and customer services. Microsoft and Facebook had recently showcased how these systems can help organisations with customer care and services. These apps carry the potentials for changing the work and structure of the workplace.

Intelligent Things

Intelligent things include devices, applicances which employ AI and machine learning to deliver intelligent behaviours. These things will try to interact in more natural and human way with the users. E.g., A refrigerator which reminds you when you run out of milk.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR Immersive technologies have helped change how users interact with other users and softwares. Immersive technologies will see a rise in business and entertainment applications through 2021.

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a software model or representation of a physical device or system that relies on sensor data to understand its state, learn, apply changes, improve value etc.Gradually, most business products will have digital twins to pro actively plan , maintain and repair the system. Digital twins will eventually become proxies for skilled individuals who traditionally help monitor and study devices and products.

Blockchain and distributed ledgers

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger in which value exchange transactions (in bitcoin or other tokens) are sequentially grouped into blocks. Each block is chained to the previous block and recorded across a peer-to-peer network, using cryptographic trust and assurance mechanisms. Blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts are gaining traction because they hold the promise to transform industry operating models. While the current hype is around the financial services industry, there are many possible applications including music distribution, identity verification, title registry and supply chain.

Conversational mesh

The current conversational model employs microphone based handheld devices and a few home based devices. As these devices increase in usage , this strategy of humans talking to devices will find its way to various other possible touchpoints. Intelligent conversation based on synchronisations between devices will be expected. This would help to evolving of the network of these devices and create a foundational mesh for an continuous digital experience.

Mesh App and service architecture

In the mesh app and service architecture (MASA), mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, IOT apps etc all are interconnected via a broad mesh of backend services. The architecture encapsulates services and exposes APIs at multiple levels and across organizational boundaries, balancing the demand for agility and scalability of services with composition and reuse of services.

Digital Technology Platform

As more and more business go digital, the growth of intelligent platforms which will help businesses quickly jump to the model will help.

Security Architectures

As more and more devices get connected, thanks to IoT, digital meshes, the need for cutting edge security will be on the rise. New strategies and algorithms may be need of the hour to monitor a very complex network.